Recorded Clarinet Repertoire by Womxn Composers

There is so much classical music out in the world that is composed by womxn, and yet much of it is still unknown to the general public. What is known, however, still has few recordings made, especially pieces by womxn of color. While there could be other reasons for this (like copyright for example), part of this might be a general lack of knowledge of what pieces are available.

I decided to start by finding pieces and creating a playlist based on clarinet solo repertoire since it was what I am most familiar with personally. My undergraduate professor, Dr. Amanda McCandless, has been one of the people I know who has been helping shine a light on clarinet repertoire by womxn composers, and she has recorded 2 albums thus far of unaccompanied pieces. This helped give me a solid foundation for the playlist and helped me find more pieces that I didn’t know, as Spotify suggested pieces that fit my theme as I added more. I was able to find a few other albums to add to the playlist as well, but generally, it was just individual tracks by other performers. There was also a significant chunk of pieces that I couldn’t find recordings of on Spotify, but this will hopefully change and grow as time goes on.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve selected so far, and I hope to create more playlists for other instruments, orchestra, and chamber groups in the future! In the meantime, here are some helpful links I found while finding pieces!

My playlist of clarinet repertoire by womxn

Playlist of classical pieces by womxn created by Spotify

List of clarinet repertoire by womxn by Jenny Clarinet (some of these pieces have not been recorded!)

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