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Dear Reader,

I considered not writing anything, but I couldn't help myself... Especially when people that should be my mentors say things like, "Well it's better than it was," as though that means it's time to stop pushing. We live in a world where people get tired of hearing about the need to fight for a better world, to which I say, no one wants to fight for rights they should already have. So, I want to thank all of the people who encourage others to educate themselves, the people who help one another by offering new information, the people who don't ignore issues, the people admit when they are wrong, the people who step up and say, "This should be better, so let me find ways to do better."

There are several articles on this site that offer tangible ways to do something.... click on them, read them, and get inspired to do something. Hold others and yourselves accountable. No one is perfect, and neither are companies, but companies are owned by people, so let's keep pushing to be better and hold them accountable as well.


Ana Maria Locke




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