A Week in the Life of a Saxophonist

Hello! I am Charlotte, a 1st-year saxophone DMA student at the University of Iowa. As you see here, this is my normal schedule during a school week, nothing too special! It is not too different from other DMA students, but my past week and a half week was quite unique and I can’t wait to share it with you all! (um...I won’t be talking about me going to band, rehearsals, or lessons, so please stay and read about my life for this week!)

( This is my normal weekly schedule for *Spring 2021 School Year*)

(P.s. all academic classes are online)

NASA March 18 - 20

No, I didn’t go to space camp, instead, I attended a virtual conference that was held by the North American Saxophone Alliance (NASA). Due to Covid, NASA moved all the regional conferences online, so I got to stay home and listen to performances and lectures during the weekend. I always enjoy going to NASA conferences no matter if it is the national conference or the regional one. I love seeing old friends and catching up with them but at the same time meeting some new friends. During this weekend, I was able to listen to a lecture that was held by my undergraduate friend from Montana. Even though we are not seeing each other face to face, we picked up our phones and started to text each other to catch up. OKAY, I am done talking about emotional stuff! The BEST part of NASA this year is that I WON A NEW MOUTHPIECE! I never have the luck of winning anything but well it happened. Thank you to Conn-Selmer, I got a brand new Yanagisawa Classical Model mouthpiece.

(Yanagisawa Classical Alto Sax Mouthpiece AC140, and my pretty flowers)

Recital Season

The normal recital season starts around mid-March. I was fortunate enough to catch two of my friend’s recitals online. Hannah Hutchins is an old friend from undergrad who is now in her 2nd year of DMA at the University of Arizona studying percussion. Recital #2 was from Brian Bradley, a friend from my master’s degree, who is currently in his last year of master’s at the University of New Mexico studying saxophone. Me? Yes, I am giving a recital this semester. I had an early rehearsal with my pianist at 8:45 am on Wednesday the 24th, and it went pretty well. Later in the week on Thursday, I recorded a piece for my recital with my husband’s help (and he is a pro! ❤️ )

(Hannah’s Recital)

(Me making toot-toot sound with my saxophone)


I took one of my wisdom teeth out on March 30 and I am not allowed to play the saxophone for TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS!!!!! Sometimes bad things happen and life has to keep going on. I know it is the worst timing for me to take my tooth out because I am preparing for my recital, but I will try my best to recover fast and play the saxophone again! On the bright side, I kind of get a spring break!

(Here’s me with my cat. People said cat purr helps with healing! I think it’s working, but my face is still swollen.)


Links to NASA performances from UIowa saxophonist:

Colere Quartet and Casey Dierlam Tse: Janani by Asha Srinivasan

Elissa Kana: Guillermo Lago's Strong Ties (she only used her left hand to play the saxophone)

Yo Yo Su: OLIVER Fifth Hour at the Dance Party (He was playing on a Tubax)

Eugene Ryoo and Lisa Lutgen: Jared Beu’s Emergence

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